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How to Spot the DTF Woman? Ovulation, Behavior, and Apparel – Does She Like Me? E11

Does She Like Me Show? Official Website The article this video is based on has been published into a book. Learn all about her behaviors when she wants sex based on her biological needs. This video goes over the DTF woman and the behaviors they tend to exude. Including in this is ovulation, clothing, grabbing … Continue reading

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Look her in the Eyes – Why to Make Eye Contact

Attractive women can be intimidating for plenty of men, so intimidating that they are terrified to approach women. Other times you had the balls to walk up to the woman, and say something like “Umm, uh, I think you are really beautiful.”  Your eyes on her toes, while you tuck your head into your shoulders … Continue reading

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You are a Pervert by Biology

I initially wrote this thinking of guys but I do want to say this goes both ways, I expect a woman to check out a man with just as much regularity and she owes no apology for her thoughts, lust, or fantasy I believe it’s all biological, enjoy your thoughts and your fantasies male or … Continue reading

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“Does She Like Me?” Week 2 Preening- Movement Last Part

Here’s today’s part of “Does She Like Me?” it’s about how a woman moves to get attention and emphasize her sexuality. Enjoy!

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One of my Openings: The Risk Free No Rejection Technique

There is something about my style that has a very high success rate. A friend and I were chatting the other day and he asked me something about choosing one of the two girls who are friends he is attracted to, I said something like the women will sort out which one you get you … Continue reading

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“Does She Like Me?” Week 2 Episode 3- Preens- Hair Preens

Here is a video going over hair preens, this is pretty basic, hope you guys are enjoying. Would love some feedback if you guys have any.

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How to make a Woman Cum on Demand: Anchoring a Woman to Orgasm

Alright guys I went over all those blogs to get to Anchoring a woman to orgasm. Enjoy making your sexual partner cum as often as you want! Anchor a Woman to Orgasm In NLP and Hypnosis you learn about anchoring. Anchoring is when you get someone to repeat a behavior based on a trigger or … Continue reading

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Oral Sex: How to Eat her Out and Make her Squirm

We’ve moved locations! Check out Science of Natural Game here I love making a woman cum, it feels phenomenal to have that power of having a woman give herself to you during orgasm. To release herself and lose control of her body to the most pleasurable natural experience humans have. I love going down on … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Sexual Beliefs- Self-Limiting and Sexual Outlook

I love sex, it is an amazing feeling. I can explain the entire break down about what happens during orgasm chemically or physically but does it really do it justice? Sex, sex, sex, I think about it all the time, I’ve read dozens of books to get better with women or more specifically so I … Continue reading

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My Love for Natural Game & My Disdain for Routines; A Philosophy on Pick up Part 2

I hate scripted game, so this is damn biased. It is ridiculous to go up and have the same conversation with every woman you meet with only slight modifications such as in the timing of your behavior. My biggest problem with scripted game is it only grants one thing- situational confidence. How is that helpful? … Continue reading

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