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How to make a Woman Cum on Demand: Anchoring a Woman to Orgasm

Alright guys I went over all those blogs to get to Anchoring a woman to orgasm. Enjoy making your sexual partner cum as often as you want! Anchor a Woman to Orgasm In NLP and Hypnosis you learn about anchoring. Anchoring is when you get someone to repeat a behavior based on a trigger or … Continue reading

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Erotic Zones on a Woman: Biting, Hair Pulling, and Underwear Gripping

At a certain point in the courtship process distance closes and touch begins. There are different forms of touch but once touch hits a certain point in courtship and you are building sexual tension rather than attraction. There are certain intimate areas that turn a woman on if you do them right. These actions require … Continue reading

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A Better Understand of Arousal: Sexual and Nonsexual Alike: Part 3 Using Arousal, Attraction, and Concluding

Any form of Arousal makes Sexual Arousal Easier After a woman has been aroused getting a woman in a sexual mood is easier. There were two studies done by the same folks each split the women into two groups. Each created a group they were going to arouse and weren’t going to arouse. In one … Continue reading

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