How to get Coaching!

Hey guys,

I’m now offering coaching… the cost is $57/hr….or  4 hrs for $147. For ongoing coaching and development you can negotiate a price by contacting me.

You will be taught Skype sessions or in person if local (No field PUA work):

What You can learn NOW:

  • How to build Self-Confidence
  • How to eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs (i.e. I’m not good enough, I’m not attractive, I’m not important, etc…. we will dig down and find it and eliminate it)
  • How to build Self-Esteem
  • How to Eliminate Neediness
  • How to read Body Language (Attraction, Poker tells, etc.)
  • How to have Confident (ALPHA) body language
  • How to Become attractive: For Health I have two other gentlemen for Diet/Nutrition and physical fitness, Mine is the mindset, style, etc.
  • How to Escalate(escalating physically and verbally)
  • How to build Rapport
  • How to carry a conversation
  • How to be build Sexual Tension
  • How to create a Sexual Frame
  • How to be more Charismatic: A Magnetic Personality
  • Understanding how Women behave
  • Situational Courtship – Trouble with a girl
***I do assist gentlemen in pick up development but I prefer to focus on the cause of the problems as if you fix the actual problems… such as neediness, self-limiting beliefs, self-esteem, body language, etc. the rest of the things fall into place with some guidance.
***While my insight is unique and science orientated my specialty is more on creating courtship opportunities than just “picking up girls”, I practice a solid natural game but by no means am I the “world’s best pick up artist”.
***I believe you should have a natural behavior and mindset that creates opportunities. I specialize in using warm approaches and body language to create openings rather than walk up with lines and routines.

If you’d like Testimonials Check some out here!

If you’d like my structure on How to get Laid Read Here

If you’d like to get coaching contact me at or fill out the form below…

Upon receiving your email I’ll send you some questions and get some insight into your issue, then develop the best plan for you to progress further in your courtship endeavors or inner game endeavors. Then I will set up a session individual to you and create a ongoing prescription for success.

My goal is to make you:

A man with an insane level of self-worth, driven by desire, not ego.

I am of the belief that you should be your BEST Self and get the Girl for YOU! Rather than go out and make up lies or do something in-congruent with you, I make you that GUY! The guy you want to be, the guy you can be. Make you THE MAN! Contact me NOW and get your Inner Game and Pick Up game lifted to a whole new level…. a level where you don’t change to fit in, where the room changes to gain your approval. This takes more than one session (obviously), it is an ongoing development that I can coach you on… or I can help you in one area.

Paypal is the only form of payment accepted.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be coaching so get in before I quit, I will be traveling very soon and when that happens coaching won’t!

If you just want a confidence program check out my Core Self-Confidence Program

21 Lessons video and written, NLP MP3, and awesome reviews! Find out More Here!

Coming Soon to it: Self-limiting beliefs… Personal Life Philosophy, and Eliminating Self-Limiting beliefs soon and the cost will go up! Get it before the end of August and receive all the update changes for free!

Thank you guys for all your appreciation and support!

Peace and Love,


P.S. If I’m in your area while you can’t pay me to teach you in field I’d be more than willing to wing you in the field… Just get a hold of me… I will be living in Vista, CA (North San Diego County) on 1-7-13.


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