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We’ve Re-Located

While this new site is still being reshaped and much content is missing our new location is now . Please visit us for more awesome content weekly including videos and blogs. Thanks, Vic aka poeticlyskuac Advertisements

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Check out the NEW and Improved Science of Natural Game

Hey guys, I switched over to a new location! Science of Natural Game has it’s own site and server! Enjoy! I’m always looking to improve if you have anything you’d like to ask go ahead and shoot me an email at . Peace and Love, Vic

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There Is No Measure One Can Put On Our Love… Just In Case, Here’s $5 For Cab Fare.

AWESOME POST ON PUA culture and how we look often times!

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Day Game… How to pick up women during the Day

Hey guys, Not to long ago I got asked about day game… so here is a decent lil step by step guide. Go for the Hook Day game is pretty simple imo, you need a hook. That is the key to starting a conversation. Now because you need a hook you need the opening to … Continue reading

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9 Tips for Gaining Self Confidence Slide Show!

Hey Guys, There are 5 elements to Core Self Confidence and this Slideshow goes over all of them! Also included of Course are 9 tips on gaining Core Self Confidence. Peace and Love, Vic 9 tips for gaining Self Confidence from victormpazjr

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I’m baaaaack!!!! If she is staring at you….Well you get it -She’s attracted Day 20 of 30 DofA

Hey Guys, Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I’ve had some episodes sitting on my hard drive for a minute and even have more I need to edit, but we’ll be be back on track here in no time and I’ll be getting another 25 or so episodes out to you guys over the next … Continue reading

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Confidence and its Four Legs

Now Available: My True Core Self-Confidence and Happiness Program  – This Program is dedicated to instilling all these same concepts plus much more in yourself. The foundation of Natural Game is True Core Confidence. It is not just about fucking thousands of women, it’s about you being happy with who you are. It’s about you … Continue reading

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Enemy Of The State

Enemy Of The State. Check out this great article guys! it’s by Big C at KTA! READ HIM, he’s got some solid lessons. I highly suggest you check him out. This is a great article on keeping your frame or keeping your mood. You guys just need to have fun and you will be attractive. … Continue reading

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What is Science of Natural Game all About?

My first product is Now Available True Core Self-Confidence and Happiness Program – This Program is dedicated to instilling all these same concepts plus much more in yourself. This is what Natural game is really about, which is why it was my first program! A person came on here recently held major issue with my … Continue reading

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How a Poet’s words Seduce her Mind: NLP and Seductive Language Patterns

Hey guys, I guest blogged on Big C’s blog man, I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s a about seduction, emotion, and language pattern. Enjoy Vic How a Poet’s words Seduce her Mind: NLP and Seductive Language Patterns.  

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Science of Natural Games new website!

Check out the New Science of Natural Game!

Wow! Recently updated with more information and organization!

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