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Pick Up Artist vs. Seduction Artist: Women aren’t Linear… They’re Multi-Dimensional

Hey guys, Just a thought I recently had… I recently began using a phrase while having a discussion within kasabi from the forum, “seduction artist”, a long while back I came to the conclusion that Pick up artists don’t really get laid… they get phone numbers… make outs…. Dates… but none them seem to get … Continue reading

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Curated: AWESOME VIDEO! Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

Hey guys, If you have 25 minutes and want to learn the basics of evolution, love, and more I highly recommend this! Helen Fisher is an awesome anthropologist with some great books! It is worth learning these basic. Peace and Love, Vic

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The Science of Pornography Addiction

Hey guys, Sorry, had some family issues…. haven’t been around good news though, my confidence program is getting bigger, better and more help. I figured this would be a nice small follow up. Peace and Love, Vic

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The Great Porn Experiment: Gary Wilson

Hey Guys, A super interesting video by Ted talks…. I got to say I love it. Enjoy ! Peace and Love, Vic  

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We all like to fuck the Sexy Person, not just the attractive person – Be Sexy not Cute

A girl sees a guy she find’s cute or deems “fuckable” physically several times a day. I work in a grocery store, and I have been hit on by old, young, way too fucking young, and my preferred age women enough to know that a woman is attracted to a man everywhere she goes. My … Continue reading

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The Best Orgasm How-to by the Discovery Channel

Hey Guys, Been doing lots and lots of discovery channel surfing obviously so here comes another pretty solid video brought to you in part by discovery channel. How to have better sex. This gives tips on better orgasms. It’s not that amazing but it certainly goes over the fundamentals very well. Also included how to … Continue reading

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Why is Sex fun? – Discovery Channel’s Show Curisosity

Hey guys, Since this is the Science of Natural Game it’s time for me to start giving you some science here and there, a lot of articles are very scientifically based but here it is straight from scientists themselves! Obviously it’s not the whole video but it has some super interesting clips none the less. … Continue reading

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Science Proves Exotic Cars Turn Women On – Curated

Hey guys, As much as I preach about being yourself can get you the right girl, I loved this article because lets face it a sexy car can turn on women…. Scientifically speaking. Enjoy! Peace and Love, Vic Link: Science Proves Exotic Cars Turn Women On By Keith Barry A study commissioned by a … Continue reading

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Safe Sex- Dont be silly wrap yer willy: 5 reasons Why

I talk all about getting laid or getting the girl but there is something I am ashamed of: I have never blogged about safe damn sex. All you fools out there that think bare backing it is cool and that sex is far more fun when you ain’t got something covering your skin I’d have … Continue reading

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You are a Pervert by Biology

I initially wrote this thinking of guys but I do want to say this goes both ways, I expect a woman to check out a man with just as much regularity and she owes no apology for her thoughts, lust, or fantasy I believe it’s all biological, enjoy your thoughts and your fantasies male or … Continue reading

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