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A Better understanding of Self-Confidence vs. Confidence

Hey guys, Here is a video I did where I define Core Self-Confidence a little more. A lot of guys think confidence is talking to a girl… but it’s really not… that is a form of situational confidence… However true self-confidence shines through any negative experience you have. Peace and Love, Vic Advertisements

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Finding your Failing Self-Limiting beliefs: Self-Enquiry- Why are you holding yourself Back?

Hey guys, This video goes over how you find your limiting beliefs and what a self-enquiry is so that you can improve your life style and allow yourself to be the infinite being you are….. If you want to eliminate limiting-beliefs you need to know what they are, this video goes over an exercise for … Continue reading

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What is Self-esteem? Brief understanding self-esteem and why it’s important

Hey guys, This video gives a limited view of self-esteem and how it effects you in life. Including comments on how it relates to ego, self-confidence, and self-limiting beliefs, along with a few tips to help you improve your self-esteem. The real ability to be attractive is gaining inner game… if you are struggling and … Continue reading

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The Ego: Who’s in charge? You or your Ego?

Hey guys, Just shot a video about understanding the ego…. very basic not to in depth but the concepts are solid! The ego is something that gets defined as a lot of things but this definition and understanding is your concept of self based on other people’s opinion of you. Learn about ending your insecurities … Continue reading

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Can you be left alone with your thoughts? Change your thinking if you can’t

In this video I ask a very a good question about YOU, Can you be left alone with your thoughts? Most people think they can but what would you think about being left in solitary Confinement with no human contact for a Month? I ask you a question that can change a lot about what … Continue reading

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Who are you? You are your life creator… You are Not Your Beliefs…. You are not Your Job.

Hey guys, In this video I explain a lot about self-limiting beliefs… A lot of people question who they are… Most claim their name, or their personality, job or physical trait but you are not any of these…. You are the creator of your life…. the creator of your beliefs. Peace and Love, Vic

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A beginners look at Self-Limiting Beliefs…

Hey Guys, Just made a solid video on self-limiting beliefs…. it talks about self-limiting beliefs… understanding them and finding them…. It’s an introduction… With each day there will be a little more. If you guys have any questions about why you haven’t been successful just ask me and I can lend a hand in understanding … Continue reading

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Starting Pick up: Where should I start with Pick up?

The first thing you should do when you start pick up is decide what you want out of pick up…. A lot of people ask “where should I start? How should I begin pick up?” Then I proceed to ask them a few questions. First I let them know that inner game or self-confidence, self-esteem, … Continue reading

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Sweet PUA read “Razorjack‘s “Natural” Method”

Hey guys, This is an awesome little write up written 9 years ago by a guy name razor jack… I’ve been looking through old archives learning about some old school seducers. I think this is an awesome write up and decided to re-post it for all you guys out there! His system centers on self-confidence … Continue reading

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My Favorite Direct Approach: Ciaran’s Shock and Awe Technique

Hey guys, This is the only pick up technique you need as long as you gain some core self confidence. I highly recommend simply doing this once or twice with congruency (you must be congruent with it). If you have confidence and you can be this direct with women confidently you can do very well. … Continue reading

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