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Understanding Niche Game… Using your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses

Niche Game Hey guys, So I’ve been thinking… a lot of guys don’t realize you need to play to your strengths.. you need to game in a way that would be best for YOU. We look at the PUA community it’s all big on Club Game, or bar game. Then there is the broad topic … Continue reading

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Curated: AWESOME VIDEO! Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

Hey guys, If you have 25 minutes and want to learn the basics of evolution, love, and more I highly recommend this! Helen Fisher is an awesome anthropologist with some great books! It is worth learning these basic. Peace and Love, Vic

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The Science of Pornography Addiction

Hey guys, Sorry, had some family issues…. haven’t been around good news though, my confidence program is getting bigger, better and more help. I figured this would be a nice small follow up. Peace and Love, Vic

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The Great Porn Experiment: Gary Wilson

Hey Guys, A super interesting video by Ted talks…. I got to say I love it. Enjoy ! Peace and Love, Vic  

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Sweet PUA read “Razorjack‘s “Natural” Method”

Hey guys, This is an awesome little write up written 9 years ago by a guy name razor jack… I’ve been looking through old archives learning about some old school seducers. I think this is an awesome write up and decided to re-post it for all you guys out there! His system centers on self-confidence … Continue reading

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Give Your Empathy a Boost Four tips on increasing your ability to read others minds.

Hey guys, This is an awesome article on empathy, the biggest reason being you need to learn to connect with women in order to get them regularly…. A great article on empathy. Enjoy! Peace and Love, Vic Link: by Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D. Posted on Psychology Today Whether you are a man or woman, empathy … Continue reading

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6 PUA Mistakes That Kill Your Game by Chief

Hey guys, I was reading through the forum and Chief the main Mod from the forum put up this great article on there. I felt obligated to put it on here as there is so much truth to this. Please check out Chief and his articles on his blog here he also writes for another … Continue reading

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We all like to fuck the Sexy Person, not just the attractive person – Be Sexy not Cute

A girl sees a guy she find’s cute or deems “fuckable” physically several times a day. I work in a grocery store, and I have been hit on by old, young, way too fucking young, and my preferred age women enough to know that a woman is attracted to a man everywhere she goes. My … Continue reading

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Shit I ran out of things to say – 9 tips on How to have a conversation

Having a conversation is suppose to be the easy part of picking up a woman, but if you don’t know how to carry a conversation how on earth can you pick up a girl? So a lot of guys seem to put so much focus on opening a girl or how to open a girl … Continue reading

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Does rejection hurt or is it your outlook? Welcome to the Trial and Error Mindset

So rejection can be a bitch but is it really that bad? I mean I understand you end up invested in this girl, you really care about her, she is sexy, got a great personality, smart, everything you seem to be looking for and she says something like “I really think you are awesome but … Continue reading

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