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Pick Up Artist vs. Seduction Artist: Women aren’t Linear… They’re Multi-Dimensional

Hey guys, Just a thought I recently had… I recently began using a phrase while having a discussion within kasabi from the forum, “seduction artist”, a long while back I came to the conclusion that Pick up artists don’t really get laid… they get phone numbers… make outs…. Dates… but none them seem to get … Continue reading

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Pick up should be kept simple, Video: Girls Give their advice on How to Pick them up in the Club

Hey guys, I’ve been saying for a long time to keep shit simple, the best opener is “Hi, what’s up?” People go into pick up and try an create special routines. If you ever want to be skilled with game you’re going to need to be able to have the inner game to go direct … Continue reading

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Where Confidence comes from and what it entails…

Hey guys, Here is a video where I go over where confidence comes from. This goes over self-confidence and the fact that it is a constant. It talks about how confidence is made up of small successes but not limited to them…. Confidence happens in spite of failure. Peace and Love, Vic

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The easiest way to become attractive: Make ’em Feel good

Hey Guys, A lot of people don’t realize the key to attraction is one simple concept making them feel good! That is a simple prospect and it can be as simple as cracking a smile at them, if you want to learn the concept of attraction that is true for everyone watch this video now … Continue reading

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Finding your Failing Self-Limiting beliefs: Self-Enquiry- Why are you holding yourself Back?

Hey guys, This video goes over how you find your limiting beliefs and what a self-enquiry is so that you can improve your life style and allow yourself to be the infinite being you are….. If you want to eliminate limiting-beliefs you need to know what they are, this video goes over an exercise for … Continue reading

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What is Self-esteem? Brief understanding self-esteem and why it’s important

Hey guys, This video gives a limited view of self-esteem and how it effects you in life. Including comments on how it relates to ego, self-confidence, and self-limiting beliefs, along with a few tips to help you improve your self-esteem. The real ability to be attractive is gaining inner game… if you are struggling and … Continue reading

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The Ego: Who’s in charge? You or your Ego?

Hey guys, Just shot a video about understanding the ego…. very basic not to in depth but the concepts are solid! The ego is something that gets defined as a lot of things but this definition and understanding is your concept of self based on other people’s opinion of you. Learn about ending your insecurities … Continue reading

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How a Poet’s word Seduce a Woman: Seductive Language Patterns

A Basic Look at Emotions Men and women always believe the other person doesn’t know how they feel, and bla bla bla. Well the whole truth of the matter is men and women both experience emotion exactly the same. Fear, anger, contempt, disgust, surprise, happiness, and sadness (Ekman’s 7 universal faces) are all experienced the … Continue reading

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Starting Pick up: Where should I start with Pick up?

The first thing you should do when you start pick up is decide what you want out of pick up…. A lot of people ask “where should I start? How should I begin pick up?” Then I proceed to ask them a few questions. First I let them know that inner game or self-confidence, self-esteem, … Continue reading

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Day Game… How to pick up women during the Day

Hey guys, Not to long ago I got asked about day game… so here is a decent lil step by step guide. Go for the Hook Day game is pretty simple imo, you need a hook. That is the key to starting a conversation. Now because you need a hook you need the opening to … Continue reading

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