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Pick Up Artist vs. Seduction Artist: Women aren’t Linear… They’re Multi-Dimensional

Hey guys, Just a thought I recently had… I recently began using a phrase while having a discussion within kasabi from the forum, “seduction artist”, a long while back I came to the conclusion that Pick up artists don’t really get laid… they get phone numbers… make outs…. Dates… but none them seem to get … Continue reading

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What do you do to keep confidence? How to Maintain Confidence

Hey guys, I’m going to be doing daily videos! So if you guys want anything in particular talked about if there is any specific questions you have and would like to send them in, email me at This video goes over how to maintain your confidence and be the most confident guy at all … Continue reading

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Day Game… How to pick up women during the Day

Hey guys, Not to long ago I got asked about day game… so here is a decent lil step by step guide. Go for the Hook Day game is pretty simple imo, you need a hook. That is the key to starting a conversation. Now because you need a hook you need the opening to … Continue reading

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Curated: AWESOME VIDEO! Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

Hey guys, If you have 25 minutes and want to learn the basics of evolution, love, and more I highly recommend this! Helen Fisher is an awesome anthropologist with some great books! It is worth learning these basic. Peace and Love, Vic

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Sweet PUA read “Razorjack‘s “Natural” Method”

Hey guys, This is an awesome little write up written 9 years ago by a guy name razor jack… I’ve been looking through old archives learning about some old school seducers. I think this is an awesome write up and decided to re-post it for all you guys out there! His system centers on self-confidence … Continue reading

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Best Pick Up book I’ve Read – Awesome Book Review: Models by Mark Manson

Been a minute since I gave a book report. Ok guys as many of you guys could realize by this point I’m a bit of a book worm, I love reading and learning. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do, so I was introduced to a book by a friend (Skills the guy … Continue reading

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What’s the best combination for picking up women?

Hey Guys, It’s less about what you do and it’s more about how you do it. Just like being “cool” when it comes to picking up women, it’s less about trying more about being. So I was on a forum and some guy said something about transition, he talks about the first stage of the … Continue reading

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Comfort with your Escalation: Reciprocating your Escalation Day 23 of 30 days of Attraction

Hey guys, I know I need to get these all up on this and my DSLM show site, so here is day 23. Comfort with Escalation – Often times we forget that no negative reaction is actually a positive reaction most of the time. So if she is comfortable with your escalation or even better … Continue reading

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Excessive giggling often means she is Crushing Day 22 of 30 days of Attraction

Hey Guys, Here is day 22 of 30 days of attraction. Excessive Giggles – A woman that is attracted to a guy will often times laugh A LOT. Women will sometimes do this because they are nervous, but a lot of times it is due to attraction. This a regular sign that most people notice. … Continue reading

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Sorry to be late guys…. Here is day 21 of 30 days of Attraction

Hey Guys, Sorry I haven’t had a chance to list off most of my episodes but if you go to my youtube, you can get to the next 8 days worth… On to today’s video(well kind of…) Vocal Tone – When a woman is attracted she will gain a more high pitched tone. This is … Continue reading

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