Body Language Consultation

Hey guys,

So you’re interested in body language? Well I’m your guy! My body language knowledge is massive and if you have any questions regarding it I can answer them. (Contact form for questions regarding the program at the bottom)

Is your body language in need of help?

bad body_language cartoon

The cost is $197 for Monthly Program

buy_now_buttonEntitles you to 2 hours consulting per week for 4 weeks. A savings of $259!

Limited amount of students accepted.

The cost is $57 for hourly Consultations.


After you pay you will be contacted within 24 hours.

*****I WILL NOT TAKE MORE THAN 10 STUDENTS for my monthly program. I don’t think it would be fair to you guys if I offered to take on more students than that, I want to offer you the MOST possible value as I’m not in this to make tons of money but to help guys like me that needed help.

*****Must have Skype or another video source so that I can see your body language and behaviors. The better the camera the more I can see. However I have had students use skype on their phone.

*****Only form of payment I currently accept is Paypal. However if you can find another way to pay I am willing to accept. You must pay before job is complete.

*****Guaranteed satisfaction – I will make sure you get everything you want out of it. However the money back guarantee is not on the table YET. As soon as I have money to start the money back I will offer it.

A list of reasons you may need my help:

– Reading Attraction (Picking up on initial attraction cues) – Walk up to a girl and just know she is interested, or just read women everywhere you go and RARELY if EVER get rejected
– Presentations/Public Speaking – Create the most interactive presentation and use your body language to woo the audience.
– Interviewing for a job – Everyone needs to learn to interview good, learn to interview perfectly
– Poor Body Language – learn to have PRESENCE
– How to escalate non-verbally what to do and when -Understanding the natural courtship process
– Reading facial expressions and understanding them -Reading Emotions
– How to know what people are thinking simply by being observant -Reading body language in general
– Always know when they love their cards -Poker tells and reading others at the poker table
– Learn to turn her on to the point where sex is inevitable -Building sexual tension through body language
– Learn to force signs of attraction through a combination of body language and words -Forcing IOIs
– How to approach non-verbally – What’s the best way to approach a woman?
I’ve received countless emails, messages, and compliments of how I’ve helped people, if you’d like a list of several of my testimonials based only on my knowledge check these Testimonials out.

For questions please fill out the contact form below and you will contacted you within 24 hours:



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