My Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I would like to thank FullTimeGangsta for her nomination. I’m very happy to receive recognition for my closet courtship studies.

The steps for accepting nomination include thanking the nominator. Thanks for the nomination FullTimeGangsta.

Now I tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I am just another square who studied courtship because of an initial low success rate. Now I’m pretty good with women, I love women and hate when I hear stories of men not treating women with the utmost respect. My studies of courtship became very specific to body language, escalation, and confidence when I realized those were the “holes” in my “game”. I was an attractive person with no courtship skills overall.

2. I love studying and reading, it is what I do(something I never did in college which is why I am a smarter drop out then I was a student). I watch documentaries and study pretty constantly. Off the top of my head the list of my studies include emotions, courtship phases, intimacy, attraction, sexual performance, sexual understanding, male and female differences, communication between men and women, charisma, evolution, lie detection, text game, pick up, body language (my specialty), microexpressions, confidence, human brain, and NLP.

3. I love music and dancing. I go dancing at least once a week. Unlike most guys into building attraction and PUA(ugh hate that term by the way), I do not go out to the club with the purpose of picking up on girls. I go out to literally have fun and go dancing. I’ve also probably been to over 200 concerts(did I say I love music?).

4. I laugh more then anyone I have ever come across. It is my favorite thing to do. It is one of my distinct and memorable features. People say they can hear my laugh at my work 50 feet away, it is been described to me as loud and contagious . It has been described as the center of my charisma. Even thought of making a ring tone of my laugh as a joke for my friends so they knew who was calling.

5. My overall goal is to write a book(series of books really) on courtship, body language, confidence, attraction, charisma, relationships, sex (pleasing and understanding), understanding and communicating with women, basically becoming a complete man. I plan on launching the book off my new and upcoming website.

6. I love to play pool. I am not amazing but I’ve ran a rack or two. Usually the best player in the bar. If you ever want to get good at something you need to invest your time into it. I’ve spent 1000s of hours playing pool.

7. I love poker. Poker adds in so many elements of what I know about body language, emotions, and human behavior that it is an incredibly fun for me. I won a poker tournament before ever learning the game just off of body language, got into poker because of body language.I’ve won quite a few small tourneys and placed in the money on a few bigger cash tourneys.

I am suppose to list off 15-20 of bloggers I read, but the truth of the matter is I rarely read other blogs. I study too much(60 plus unread books, Amazon is a horrible addiction) , and between answering questions and posting videos for others I don’t really read too much other info. However, here are a few bloggers I truly enjoy now that I’ve discovered through some others.

Full Time Gangsta – A dope sexually confident chick who seems to tell it how it is. I like her style.

Snarky Snatch – Holy Shenanigans is she funny, truly enjoy reading her blog. Crazy satirical style, I have a hard time not laughing(though that happens with frequency regardless).

Her Favorite Juice – A solid blogger on courtship, he seems to know his shit.

The Wingman Chronicles – Again a solid blogger on courtship who seems to know his shit.

Ella Elle L’A – Another funny sexually confident woman. I am a big fan of a woman with confidence in her sexually. First time I read her I laughed pretty hard.

Sorry I am Not Sorry – New to her blog but seems to keep my interests. I love a confident female perspective. She seems to give very solid advice.

Maggie Mae – I love poetry, I wrote for years. Well worth the read.

Because I’m not big on reading other blogs I can’t recommend to many. It is a bit of work to keep up on studies, writing and asking questions. I apologize to any and everyone I’ve short handed. To those bloggers who I did mention thank you so much for the entertainment.

Thanks again Full Time Against, appreciate the love.


About Science of Natural Game

I understand what it’s like to be that guy who struggles with women. I was god awful with women, I not once but twice went multiple years without sex, and I promise it wasn’t by choice. Ignorance played a large role in my issues with women, if I would have known now back in the days my dating life would have never slouched. I got desperate for affection with women, I wished I could have more. I read those pick up manuals, I read books by scientists on courtship. I went out and experienced what worked for me, and what “worked for others”. I found a process that makes every man skilled with women. I realized something else, yeah some of this stuff might work for some guys but we are all a little different and that’s a good thing… what I say may not be what you say, but there is a simple science and process to getting good with women and if you follow this process you will indeed be happy with your abilities with women. The most important thing for me is for you to be you, I don’t want to change who you are, I want you to love who you are, I want you to understand who you are, and I want you to be happy about all of it. I won’t ask you to dress up in peacocking outfit, I’ll ask you to be the most attractive guy by giving you skills and assets. Being you will be the peacock, will get you the attention of beautiful women. Most guys will simply tell you what to say and that will get you laid… but what happens when I am not here to tell you what to say? When what I have to say feels bland and not quite you? I don’t want you to be anyone else but you, the best you and the Man you want to be. I won’t tell you what to say, I’ll teach you to have a conversation. I won’t lie to you, I’ll tell you how it is and give you the facts. I won’t say it to be mean, I will say it for you to grow and become your best you with women and for you. I want you to be honest, knowledgeable, and sexy, and you will be when I’m done with you. Knowledge is power, and honesty is sexy…. I am not asking you to be anyone else, after all everyone else is already taken. If you need help or support with anything I am here, because I care about you. I want you to be a great, I want you to be all you can be. I want you to be your best self and that means I am here to support you in all your endeavors in life, not just with women but living the life you want… if you want to travel let’s figure out how, if you want to dance let’s teach you, if it’s weight loss let’s figure it out, if you want to surf let’s get you on a board, let’s give you the life you want and dream about, to let you be the you dream of being. I feel there is a process to getting women and more importantly getting good with women, it’s a science and if you follow the process it will work for you. Science isn’t about what’s true, as the truth is merely a perception science is the process we conclude will give us results… that’s what I give guys – results, the ability to get the women that will make them happy and help them live the life they love. Peace and Love, Vic


3 thoughts on “My Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

  1. awe

    Posted by James | 26/03/2012, 5:10 pm
  2. ummmmm really??

    Posted by James | 26/03/2012, 5:11 pm
    • Yeah, I’m sure I just got mention because she needed a bit bloggers to nominate. I am not sure I’m to versatile or entertaining but if you want to learn about courtship I got some valuable knowledge and experience.

      Posted by Show Your Mind | 26/03/2012, 5:38 pm

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