The Waitress



Situation: After going to the bar me and my friends went to a restaurant. It is an ok little spot, key being it is on the way home and only a block from my spot. I was a little(modestly) intoxicated, it was my Birthday.

So we walked in a restaurant and we were introduced to our Server. The Server was a cute girl, I was really happy about that when I seen her again(intoxicated). She walked up and was a up beat girl.

I happen to be wearing a concert T-Shirt Zion I a hip hop group, it has red, green, and yellow on it. She had a bracelet that had those colors. We automatically made rapport based on color scheme, but also because she knew the hip hop group. So she came up with her regular customer service smile and changed to a genuine smile.

As we began to talk about music I noticed her head turn, she was starting to show submissive signs. Neck exposure was all about, because she is a waitress she has to have open body language, so I wasn’t about to take this first signal. Her wrists always have to be open with palm exposure, after all can’t take an order with your arms crossed. It also puts a damper on tips. They are also known for elbow and slight shoulder touches(females to males) that were  known for substantially increase tips.

So with servers you obviously need to know a difference between true flirting and flirting for dollars. You should pay specific attention to whether you get special treatment. You need to look to see how she talks to the other people at your table. You also need to see how she talks to people at other tables, this includes how long they talk to you. How long she or if she touches other people.

Pay attention to which way her foot faces, you are more focused on subconscious signs, preening,  and torso. In this case she was adjusting her bracelets, you could see she was preening. She grabbed her earrings a few times as well. She also had her torso facing me, her foot pointed towards me, and was making strong eye contact, her body language was directed at me. She adjusted her hair and glasses here and there(preening). She was definitely showing signs of interest. In this case she talked to us a lot longer than she was other people, me specifically.

She was not preening for other people, she was not resting her hand on their shoulder as she was with me. She was comfortable with touch as well as limited space. This wasn’t consistent with her usual behavior. She was a smiley nice girl and it was obvious that was part of her true character. So I had to look for congruences in her behavior amongst other people there. This is something that works for poker, you look for their behavior and how it changes when they have comfortable hands, or uncomfortable hands.

As we were getting ready to leave she stopped by to ask how the food was. She wanted to know more than that so we chatted about concerts coming up. She eventually came out and asked for my number, said we need to hangout. She had pointed out one statement I made and she said she wanted to hangout because I said it. I didn’t get her number, she did however text me a week later.


About Science of Natural Game

I understand what it’s like to be that guy who struggles with women. I was god awful with women, I not once but twice went multiple years without sex, and I promise it wasn’t by choice. Ignorance played a large role in my issues with women, if I would have known now back in the days my dating life would have never slouched. I got desperate for affection with women, I wished I could have more. I read those pick up manuals, I read books by scientists on courtship. I went out and experienced what worked for me, and what “worked for others”. I found a process that makes every man skilled with women. I realized something else, yeah some of this stuff might work for some guys but we are all a little different and that’s a good thing… what I say may not be what you say, but there is a simple science and process to getting good with women and if you follow this process you will indeed be happy with your abilities with women. The most important thing for me is for you to be you, I don’t want to change who you are, I want you to love who you are, I want you to understand who you are, and I want you to be happy about all of it. I won’t ask you to dress up in peacocking outfit, I’ll ask you to be the most attractive guy by giving you skills and assets. Being you will be the peacock, will get you the attention of beautiful women. Most guys will simply tell you what to say and that will get you laid… but what happens when I am not here to tell you what to say? When what I have to say feels bland and not quite you? I don’t want you to be anyone else but you, the best you and the Man you want to be. I won’t tell you what to say, I’ll teach you to have a conversation. I won’t lie to you, I’ll tell you how it is and give you the facts. I won’t say it to be mean, I will say it for you to grow and become your best you with women and for you. I want you to be honest, knowledgeable, and sexy, and you will be when I’m done with you. Knowledge is power, and honesty is sexy…. I am not asking you to be anyone else, after all everyone else is already taken. If you need help or support with anything I am here, because I care about you. I want you to be a great, I want you to be all you can be. I want you to be your best self and that means I am here to support you in all your endeavors in life, not just with women but living the life you want… if you want to travel let’s figure out how, if you want to dance let’s teach you, if it’s weight loss let’s figure it out, if you want to surf let’s get you on a board, let’s give you the life you want and dream about, to let you be the you dream of being. I feel there is a process to getting women and more importantly getting good with women, it’s a science and if you follow the process it will work for you. Science isn’t about what’s true, as the truth is merely a perception science is the process we conclude will give us results… that’s what I give guys – results, the ability to get the women that will make them happy and help them live the life they love. Peace and Love, Vic


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