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There Is No Measure One Can Put On Our Love… Just In Case, Here’s $5 For Cab Fare.

Science of Natural Game:

AWESOME POST ON PUA culture and how we look often times!

Originally posted on snarkysnatch:

snarky blog cab fareGents have you ever been jerking yourself a soda to a tempo akin to “Pop Goes the Weasel” played at half speed, thinking:  Why Don’t I Have A Live Woman On The Other Side Of This Erection?  Maybe you craved a woman so much that on a whim you made yourself a semi-female-shaped DIY Fuck Me Doll from duct tape, cardboard and Giant Eagle shopping bags.

sex doll homemadePersonally, I have seen more aesthetically pleasing things come up after I’ve snaked a toilet, but I try not to judge what a gent finds his erection inside of.  If I found issue with every boyfriend that I caught using a can of Spaghetti-O’s as a fleshlight, I would be a carpet muncher by now.  And then I never would have been inspired to surgically implant a can of SPAM into my anus. 

spam commercialWe all get lonely at times.  So let’s be honest.   Some…

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